Informed Consent
Inergetix supports the idea of Mind/Body dualism

Mind-Body dualism
400 Years ago Descartes made a decide step into a new direction in that he formulated that Body and Mind are two completely separate entities which today is called Cartesian dualism. All of the consequent new discoveries were made possible because this freed scientists from centuries of pseudo-religious mixing of mind and matter-concepts.
He struggled with the question if there was any possibility that the mind (an immaterial thing) could have any direct effect on the material world which is since then called the "problem of interactionism".
The centuries that followed decided that “the mind cannot have a direct influence on the material world” and the MIND/MATTER dualism is now an accepted basis of contemporary science.
As a result in Medicine for example every change that cannot be traced back to a material intervention is called “Placebo” or psychosomatic/believe/faith healing.
At Inergetix we have made this generally agreed concept our own and hold that the Inergetix system is exclusively a spiritual tool which means a help to make beneficial changes on the level of mind and consciousness.
Body of beliefs of all members of the Temple of AIM and any user of the Inergetix CoRe system in that they agree to present their services to their clients in the following way:
1. Because we support the generally accepted idea of the Cartesian Dualism we cannot intend or expect any changes on the physical health level by the methods we are using with the Inergetix system.
2. If positive or negative changes on the physical health level occur we agree that this can only be a synchronistic event without any causal connection to the actual treatment with the CoRe system or in other words it is a Placebo-effect.
3. With the disciples of Descartes, such as Nicholas Malebranche we believe that all mind-body interactions required the direct intervention of God . What the therapist with the help of the Inergetix system does is to be a facilitator for this to happen.

Neither the therapist nor Inergetix can or does claim to be the causative factor for positive or undesirable effects on the physical health level.
We should also make clear that if we use sound, electricity, magnetism, light or other forms of energy that this is used only to increase the believe/placebo effect of the spiritual intervention similarly as in the church wine and incense are used.
This is doubtless the case for the Inergetix informational functions but also every scientist would agree that the energy intensities used by the energy applicators are so minute that a physiological effect is not possible.
Note: When we anywhere use the words treat, diagnose, disease, remedy, patient we only refer to treating, diagnosing spiritual and mind diseases. The only function the Inergetix system can have is to propose spiritual remedies or the spiritual meaning/symbolism of material remedies. Also if it indicates any organs or part of the body this is not indicating any disease in this organ but is giving only a symbolic clue to the trained practitioner to make conclusions on “physically unrelated” spiritual/mental issues. Download Informed Consent Document (PDF)

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to uncover the laws of the spirit that are the informational and conscious dimension. Our mission is to find the principles and practices that turn this knowledge into practical tools to alleviate the suffering of humanity on the spiritual level.
“In the beginning was the word and the word was by god and god was the word”
This is the way the Bible starts and it is the Christian mythological representation of the creation of the world.
Accordingly in using and developing the CoRe system, I have been discovering that the basis of almost all disease is the realm of the spiritual.
However I also had to learn that in our contemporary view of the world we cannot claim as spiritual healers that we are able to make changes on the physical level by our work, as this is the domain of the worldly doctors. I have been presenting this understanding for a long time in the following diagram:
In this framework, the world and all its phenomena cannot be explained just by following the doctrine of Einstein that everything is Matter or Energy and that nothing objective exists apart from these two.
Besides these two dimensions of the material world, there exist two dimensions of the spiritual world that I name information and consciousness.
Information is the least explored and defined of all these four dimensions even though all of our life is governed by it. Information is not only something that controls energy and matter in technical systems, but it is my understanding and experience that it also governs the work – or leads to defects in the working – of biological systems. However as will be explained more in the following, we have to be very careful in how we represent our work in its relation to the physical world.
Information in itself gives rise to consciousness and consciousness can give birth to information. Thus the physical reality of matter and energy is complemented by the spiritual qualities of information and consciousness.
I want to make clear, as I have always done in my seminars, that in my philosophy and that of my company, the success of the CoRe system cannot be explained by material concepts like that of energy or chemistry; but the Inergetix system is essentially a spiritual tool that is designed to affect the two spiritual dimensions that are Information and Consciousness.
Contemporary belief is that everything is explainable with the physics of matter and energy. It would have been therefore much more acceptable and thus effective for sales to define the functional basis of the Inergetix system as that of the physical realm.
However, different from any other company I always made clear that for all evaluation purposes no hardware is required and that the feedback and testing works exclusively on an informational level, which I consider one of the two dimensions of the spiritual realm. Also if energy in the form of electricity, sound, magnetism or light is applied, its only effective component is the information it carries. In the same way, we do not make a phone call to get the energy that is contained in the sound, but for the informational content. This also completely conforms with the general understanding in conventional science that all energy levels applied in the Inergetix system are below physiologically effective levels and that therefore the effect we see cannot be explained with the concepts of material science.
We feel that the time and the understanding of the public is ripe for making a statement like this without having to fear losing the trust and confidence in the effectiveness of our tool only because we define its sole purpose and level of effectiveness as spiritual.
Given the very great incompleteness of our contemporary world view, we have to warn users that they might of course also experience significant physical or energetic health-changing SECONDARY PLACEBO EFFECTS by the use of the Inergetix system.
Technically there is simply nothing in the energetic side of the Inergetix system that could possibly have any effect that would go beyond a simple tingling in one’s fingers and certainly nothing that could have any effect on health beyond what is usually called a placebo effect.
We want to make very clear that also from our philosophy and the way we present the Inergetix system in our seminars and publications, we see it exclusively as a spiritual tool based on a spiritual concept – mainly that of the Dynamic Labile Equilibrium (DLE) for which we have now received a Trademark. If anywhere in our website or any other media released by Inergetix, this is stated in a way that might give another impression this is unintended and only caused by our general connectional and terminological confusion of the material and spiritual realms. To reduce the possibility for such misinterpretation we included a glossary at the end of this page to make our standpoint clear.


This orientation of Inergetix has always been prominent in my presentations and the associations I have made. I feel a divine guidance and support in this ongoing process. This has been confirmed in two of the recent developments with Inergetix.
First I feel very honored that the Brazilian spiritual healer “John of God” has given me the title of “Son of his House” and that I am very fortunate that I can visit him frequently to learn more about the principles of spiritual healing. He sees about 1000 people a day and has done this for almost 40 years. Here you can see photos and read my story with him:

John of God Symbol

A Small Step for Kiran Schmidt but a great step to help the cause of Energetic and Informational Medicine

On the 12th of July 2008 Kiran Schmidt Director of Inergetix Inc and inventor of the CoRe System was honored by the Catholic Church to be initiated into the Order of Sylvester:

Kiran Schmidt initiated into the Order of       Sylvester

And this document authorized by the holy father Pope Benedict XVI:


And signed:


By the secretary of the Vatican state Cardinal Bertone:

Secretary of the Vatican state Cardinal Bertone

Here is some information available on this order on Wikipedia:

Order of St. Sylvester

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For the monastic order, see Sylvestrines.
Medal of the Order of Saint Sylvester and the Golden Militia, 1841
Medal of the Order of
Saint Sylvester and
the Golden Militia, 1841.

The Order of St. Sylvester Pope and Martyr(Latin: Ordo Sanctus Silvestri Papae, Italian: Ordine di San Silvestro Papa), sometimes referred to as the Sylvestrine Order, is one of the chivalric orders awarded by the Pope. This Order was at one time united with the Order of the Golden Militia. It is now the fifth-ranking Papal Order.
Pope Pius X in his motu proprio of 7 February 1905, entitled Multum ad excitandos, divided the Sylvestrine Order into two orders of knighthood, one retaining the name of St. Sylvester and the other taking the ancient name of the Order, i.e. Order of the Golden Militia, or Golden Spur.
It is intended to award Roman Catholic laymen who are actively involved in the life of the church, particularly as it is exemplified in the exercise of their professional duties and mastership of the different arts. It is also conferred on non-Catholics, but more rarely than the Order of St. Gregory.
Awards of the Order are generally made on the recommendation of DiocesanBishops, or of Apostolic Nuncios (nominations may be made by parish priests to their bishop for his consideration). Pope John Paul II extended membership in the Order to ladies as well as gentlemen. It is awarded directly by the Pope as Supreme Pontiff and head of the Catholic Church and as the Head of State of Vatican City.
If you want to read more please see here -

We want to express our gratitude for the divine guidance that has prompted to bestow this honor on us, at a time that the science and practice of Energy and Informational medicine is defining its own territory in our common attempt to relief the suffering of mankind
We understand this honor as an acknowledgment and support of our courage to state openly as the first company of its kind that :
Our product is a tool to help in spiritual healing”
That healing on the most profound level is always healing on the spiritual level”
Kiran Schmidt
----- Director, Inergetix Inc. -----

To summarize:

The Inergetix system is a tool for spiritual healing. We are aware that not all disease is spiritual in its origin. Consequently we have to advise all users of the Inergetix system to state this fact to their clients and to make them aware that any effects either good or negative on the physical level can only be considered placebo effects and cannot be expected under the contemporary paradigm of established science and that we therefore do not intend a healing of the body or its energy but only of its spirit.
We have to be clear that this position requires courage as it does not cater to the contemporary belief system that chemistry or energy are the only causes of disease or are the sole agents for healing and are unrelated to spiritual disease.
However we have to be strong in our faith that the truth will set us free and will eventually bring light to the darkness of ignorance. We have to be strong in our conviction that this is not an attempt to avoid persecution but that it is the truth.


As we can see, it is clear that most conflicts can be avoided if we are clear that the Inergetix system is a tool for spiritual cause-finding and treating only and that the different conventional forms of energy it uses are symbolic only, or carriers of information at the most. As practitioners we have to be clear about what we are doing and where our legal limits are. More so we have to also be honest enough towards ourselves and know that the modalities of the spiritual realm are not a panacea for all problems and that we cannot claim if physical symptoms improve during our treatment that there is any causal connection with what we did.
For the practical explanation of the Dos and Don’ts that are the consequence of this Vision and Mission, please also read our Disclaimer page.


Spiritual healing is Belief healing, but different from the common understanding it is not enough to believe in some arbitrary thing and then expect that it will be given, as now for example the bestseller “The Secret” proposes. The law of attraction works but you have to know what a specific individual can ask for and this is what he or she resonates to and the Inergetix system is a tool to find spiritual resonances. Also it is a science on how to connect this to the informational field, which has long been forgotten, this is the object of study for informational science.
Over and above the possibility of spiritual healing that Inergetix is making for the first time a matter of scientific study, this will open also the possibility of an objective study of religious practices with respect to their actual alignment with these newly discovered laws of the informational and conscious realm and thus be able to filter the truly effective part of all greed from that of meaningless ritual, independent of personal preference.